How it works...

Each week our veg bags will be full of freshly harvested, seasonal, tasty produce sourced from Organically Certified independent farms and growers. You can find more information about who they are in Growers and Producers.

We are pleased to be able to offer extra seasonal produce to add to your bag so you can enjoy your favourites while they are in abundance. Please let us know if you would like larger amounts for home preserving.

Your order will be delivered in Biodegradable Jute Bags made by BIDBI (Bag It Dont Bin It)

Please return/leave for us to collect when we deliver your next order.

We mainly wrap produce in paper bags and try as much as possible not to use plastic. When you return your jute bag please feel free to place any of the packaging inside for us to recycle for you.



To place an order click on selected purchase(s) and continue to cart to pay.


On your first order we will contact you via email to ask for your preferred delivery time (see delivery page for times), any special details regarding places your veg bag can be left securely if you are not at home, and if you have any particular vegetable likes and dislikes you would like us to consider to personalize our service to you.

Once we receive your reply we will be able to process your order. 

On subsequent orders you will receive an automated confirmation email and on the Monday before expected Thursday delivery we will email you the produce content of your veg bag.

You can pay with Major Credit Cards and PayPal.

To set up a Standing Order or BACs transaction to our bank account, choose the Custom Payment method option when you go through to payments in checkout. Your order will be processed and you will need to contact your bank and set up your direct bank payments.
Once the payment has reached our account your order can be delivered.


Please contact us at for more payment and banking details.