Growers and Producers

Our vegetables and fruit are sourced from:-

Sandy Lane Farm. Tiddington,Oxon. A traditional, family-run farm 8 miles outside of Oxford, growing organic vegetables, rear free-range traditional breed pigs and lambs, have horses on livery, host 'pop-up' seasonal suppers.

Haresfield Farm. Chippenham, Wilts. Run by Andrew Jackson. Hens are raised on the farm from chicks, to the highest welfare standards, where they are free to roam, feed and scratch naturally on the farms organic pasture.

Mole End Farm.  Paul Ward grows top quality fruits organically in Kent, winning awards at the National Fruit Show 2016.

Langridge Farm.  A family run farm in Devon since 1969, converting to organic growing in 1983, and fully organic growing since 1988.

Keats Community Farm. Welling, London. Keats Community Organics is an Organically Certified urban farm in South London.

Langridge Organic Produce,New Covent Garden, London - 20 years wholesale. Specialist organic growers in the UK since the 1980's. European growers include Agrinova 2000- Scicily based organic co-operative formed in 1987. 

Royal Oak Farm Organics, Lancashire. Farmed by Peter Lydiate on the family farm near Ormskirk just north of Liverpool. Via Langridge.

AlterbioPerpignan. France.- Distributors of Organic Market Farmers produce from Languedoc-Roussillon area of southern France.